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Hi! I'm Dima Kubrak

I help business owners to increase their revenue wisely and thrive on Amazon.

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My story

I am Dima Kubrak, an 8-figure Amazon seller, the founder of Sellerise and ASAP Warehouse.

Since the age of 19, I have been running my own businesses, and through my journey, I have gained valuable insights into what it takes to succeed on Amazon.

Today, I am owning multiple successful businesses:

Successfully running a warehouse business an annual revenue of over $1 million


Developed cutting-edge software used by 16,000+ Amazon sellers worldwide


The proud owner of a thriving retail store chain​


Build and manage brands with an annual turnover exceeding ​$20 million.

I Take Pride in Numbers

I've had a pleasure of speaking at events and conferences for these awesome organizations:


Years on Amazon


Annual business turnover


Products launched


Helped to launch Amazon business


Successful businesses

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AREAS I CONSULT: Unlocking Your Amazon Success

Brand Building

Based on your personal case, we will discuss how to create your brand presence on Amazon that resonates with customers and drives long-term success.

Inventory Management

You will master the art of inventory planning and management to avoid stockouts, reduce storage costs, and optimize your cash flow.

Building a team to work on Amazon from scratch

We'll discuss how to assemble and manage a high-performing team that specializes in Amazon operations, allowing you to grow faster!

Listing Optimization

Together, we'll optimize your product listings to improve Amazon ranking, increase conversions, and maximize your sales potential.

Seller Performance Improvement

I'll help you to Identify and address performance issues that may be affecting your seller metrics and overall account health.

Mark P., CA

“I can't thank Dima enough for his invaluable mentorship. His deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace  have been instrumental in taking my business to the next level. "

Emily R., NY

"With his guidance, I've optimized my product listings, improved my PPC campaigns, and implemented effective marketing strategies. Highly recommend"

Sarah T., MI

“Thanks to Dima's strategies and insights, my sales have skyrocketed, and I've achieved consistent growth month after month.”

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Amazon Business?

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